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The Project DIY

  • ServicesWebsite Development, Social Media Management
  • KeywordDevelopment, UX, UI
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The Project DIY is a community where you can shop handmade products from vendors who personally create their pieces. Project DIY creates opportunities for those with talents, looking to follow their passion or make an extra income.

Express Marketing was approached by The Project DIY to help promote this new, up-and-coming business. We were tasked with creating something that would assist the company in reaching the widest possible audience. The brief called for a new website that would be designed in such a way that encapsulated the sophistication and elegance of the products they sold.

With a business that holds a huge number of products, it was imperative to ensure that the look and feel of the site suited its customer base. The website would need to be stylish, modern, and above all else, user-friendly.

In addition, they required our marketing experience to assist with the positioning of the brand within the MENA area. This required utilizing social media marketing and content production to inform their target audience about the numerous products accessible on their website.

For the websites, we worked closely with the team from The Project DIY to design and build each of their websites. It has all the great tools and features that can be used to showcase a business’s full range of products.

With the website being a crucial part of the company’s business, we had to ensure that it stayed on brand and appealed to the target customer. That presented a significant challenge in itself, as did the need to implement a better server structure.

We incorporated a wide range of customizable options allowing customers to select a different product before proceeding to the checkout.